Studio Policies: The Bite-Sized Version

Here are the important points of my studio policies in a nutshell.  Scroll down for the full version, which covers all the information and details about violin and viola lessons.

  1. Lessons are invoiced at the beginning of each term. Payment for the term is typically due two weeks from the invoice date. If another payment arrangement better suits your family budget, I will do my best to accommodate your needs.
  2. Lesson fees cover the time that I have scheduled for each student, regardless of whether or not the student shows up for a lesson. If a student is sick or if there is a family emergency, I cannot provide a make-up lesson. If I must cancel a lesson, I will schedule a make-up lesson at a mutually convenient time.
  3. PLEASE do not bring sick children to their lesson.
  4. Parents must attend lessons and take notes.
  5. Students must keep their fingernails short at all times, as well as wash their hands before each lesson.
  6. I may offer lessons during school holidays, provided I have availability in my family schedule.
  7. In addition to private lessons, group classes are held every week on Mondays. The beginner (Twinkler) class is from 3:30 – 4:00pm, and the main group (Suzuki Strings) is from 4:00 – 5:30pm. I require all my students to participate in the group lessons, since they are a vital part of the Suzuki Method.

Lesson Fees:

30 minute lesson – $45

45 minute lesson – $60

60 minute lesson – $75

The lesson fee includes a private lesson, group class, recital/concert fee, and occasional parent classes and forums.  The invoiced term fee, which usually covers 10 weeks, is to be paid by the due date on the invoice.

MuiscArt follows the QLD state school calendar.  As such, the duration of each term varies.

Studio Policies: The Seven Course Meal

LESSON FEE:  I invoice parents at the beginning of each term for the entire term fees.  I do realise, however, that families may need time and planning to work this into their budget.  If another arrangement works better, please let me know and we can work something out.  The lesson fee includes: a weekly private lesson (a time is reserved for you, even if you’re absent), a weekly group lesson, handouts for your notebook and exercises that I write, assistance in purchasing new instruments, and telephone consultations.

ATTENDANCE:  Students are scheduled for the full term, unless otherwise notified.  Lesson fees cover the time that I have scheduled for your child.  I cannot offer make-up lessons for missed lessons, regardless of the reason.  If you know in advance that you must miss a lesson for vacation, school events, religious observance, or any other reason, please let me know as soon as possible.  If you must cancel a lesson for any reason, please send me a text message or call me directly (0435 449 443).  Please do not assume that my lesson schedule will be in sync with government holidays or school vacations, since not all schools follow the same calendars.  Finally, if you have not practiced, or if your violin is being repaired, please don’t cancel your lesson–we can still make some musical progress!  I have theory lessons on hand, in the event that your child’s violin is in the violin shop.

ILLNESS:  If you or your child are not well, please do not come to the violin lesson.  If they are not well enough to go to school, they are not well enough to go to lessons. If one student passes something along to me, I will likely have to cancel lessons, which affects other students and their families.  Please let me know if your child is not vaccinated as I have a baby who is not yet fully vaccinated, and is therefore vulnerable to childhood illnesses.

HOLIDAY LESSONS:  I may offer lessons during school holidays.  I will provide my holiday availability in advance to my students via email.  Students can opt to have more than one lesson a week during the holidays.  Holiday lessons must be scheduled in advance, and lesson fees may be paid at each lesson.  In the instance that I do offer holiday lessons, I strongly encourage students to take lessons, as they have more time to practice and focus.  Students often experience great progress during the holidays.

–     A violin and bow (in good working condition), rosin, a shoulder rest, and a cleaning cloth.
–     A binder or a display folder, in which to keep all practice charts, lesson notes, exercises, and a copy of Studio Policies.
–     For home practice, students need a music stand, a metronome, and a tuner.  Students who have a piano that is well in tune may tune their violins with a piano.
–     Sheet music, other books, and CDs, as I determine necessary.  Photocopied books in place of a purchased printed book is not acceptable.

LESSON CONTENT:  In each lesson, we will work on tone production, technical studies, musicianship, and violin repertoire.  We may also work on orchestral music as needed, and any solos students wish to play for contests, school, church, etc.  Students are responsible for providing their own music.  Photocopied materials are not permitted in lessons as a permanent substitute for purchasing printed works.  Students are responsible to bring their lesson binder to every lesson.  Parents are required to observe and take notes in lessons.

LESSON ETIQUETTE:  In some cases siblings may accompany a parent, but must respect the lesson environment by being quiet.  Please bring a quiet activity for young siblings to do.  Cell phone must be turned off, and making phone calls during lessons is prohibited.
Students are required to have short, clipped fingernails at every lesson.  Students must also wash their hands before their lesson.

GROUP CLASSES:  I hold group classes every week on Monday afternoons.  All students are required to take part in group classes.  We cover technique, theory, sight-reading, performance skills, ensemble skills, and some music history.  The musical, social, and inspirational benefits of group classes are endless and are often the highlight of learning the violin and viola.  Please schedule extra-curricular activities, sports, religious activities, etc. around group classes.
CONCERTS:  I arrange a studio concerts twice a year in which students are required to perform.  I will also try to arrange performances in the community, as opportunities arise.  Suggestions and advice as to where to hold additional performances are welcomed!

PRACTICE AND PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT:  Lessons are an exercise in teamwork.  The team includes the student, the teacher, and the parent(s).  Parents are expected to encourage their children, help them practice daily, and make sure they obtain needed materials.  When parents take an active role in encouraging students to practice, students experience more success.  Again, parents are required to attend and take notes in all lessons.

LISTENING:  Students are expected to listen to their required recordings every day.  This is the best way to further develop their musical ear, and their musical sensitivity.  Recordings may be easily obtained from the public library, but building a personal collection of classical recordings is encouraged.

COMMUNICATION PROCEDURE:  I hope that violin lessons will be a very positive experience for you and your child.  If you have any concerns, or wish to discuss your student’s progress, please contact me.  I may contact parents and students to discuss the student’s progress. I believe that open, honest communication is always the best way to resolve problems.

DISCONTINUATION OF LESSONS:  If you wish to discontinue lessons, you will be refunded 50% of any remaining pre-paid lessons.